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      Wallpaper Inspirations

      When we talk wallpapers we refer to decorative papers that cover both interior and exterior walls. With the ever growing change in time, fashion and ideas; wallpaper designs have become the basis whereby style, essence, colour and reality in atmosphere becomes applied to a room. The wallpaper industry divides wallpaper manufacture into two;

      1. Those used for residences
      2. Those hung in businesses and other public buildings

      Wallpapers are a unique way to further beautify the home and express one’s individual style. Most people when furnishing their homes, pay little to no attention to their wall space; between all the expenses made on furniture, fabrics and accessories, we usually forget how impactful wallpaper décor or paint ideas could be to the home.

      Why Wallpapers?

      If you are stuck between painting and wallpapering your room; we have a compiled list on why wallpapering would suite your home better in the long run.

      Wallpapers are long lasting - Wallpaper designs tend to have a long lifespan; serving their purpose for a longer period of time than paint designs would. Wallpaper installations can last for over 15-20 years without giving off cracks like paint walls would often do after a few years of its application thereby making wallpapers cost-effective in the long run.

      Wallpaper costs even out over time - It is true that wallpapers are more expensive than paint applications but the cost of this necessity in the home usually evens out over time. You get to enjoy the different atmosphere and feel it gives the room and you as an individual get to influence the style according to your emotions or inspirations.

      Wallpapers tend to hide surface imperfections - Unlike paints, because wallpapers adhere easily and smoothly to walls; it is generally accepted that wallpapers hang up to 3 times better and longer than paint; wallpapers usually take 2 days to dry depending on the room temperature but once dry holds strong.

      Wallpaper Styles

      We have various categories under which wallpapers are manufactured. Some popular styles of wallpaper designs are;

      Damask Wallpapers

      This wallpaper design is referred to as an all time classic style of design created from a fine woven cloth style dating back to the Middle Ages. Once upon a time damask themed wallpapers were the fabric of choice for royal families; in summary when one thinks damask he or she should think sophisticated luxury. It is also quite usual to think of damask wallpapers as dull and old-fashioned but with emerging modern damask designs, its style has become more alluring and befitting of any room’s usage. Here are some style inspirations put together for you on how to get the best use out of damask themed wallpapers;

      Corridor of a home or office - Damask themed wallpapers could be used in the corridor of your home or office to give it a feel of top notch elegance and royalty. Damask wallpapers are known for bringing a sense of peace to any given room.

      Half Wall Patterned Designs - One could also decide to make use of damask themed wallpapers for half wall patterned designs; one may not want to fully paper his/her wall with wallpaper designs. We rate this style inspiration – GLAM. When it comes to wanting a different atmosphere and vibe for your room or when you want to give your room that EDGY side to its already prestigious look damask themed wallpaper is your go to trend.

      Waiting/Sitting Area - One could make use of damask designs in the waiting/ sitting area of a living room or office structure, you can forever rely on damask products to give your room justice; it also brightens up your room and wall décor giving it more shine to your guests.

      The Bedroom - The bedroom; a place of rest could still be beautified with damask themed wallpapers as it brings a clear sense of order to a room’s physique giving the atmosphere of the entire room a polished surrounding for undisturbed relaxation time.

      Floral Wallpapers

      People normally ask this question ‘What is floral design about?’ Well, this wallpaper design is made through the art of using plant materials and flowers to make a balanced composition. Floral wallpapers incorporate its elements of floral design which are; line, form, space, texture and very pleasing mixtures of colour. Floral wallpapers obey all the principles of a floral patterned design by showing off its balance, harmony, unity, rhythm and contrast. Some style inspirations and best use of floral themed wallpapers are;

      Children’s Room- A floral themed pattern as an amazing floral themed inspirational design for children’s room couldn’t be any DAPPER. Are you expectant and wondering what to paper your wall with so that when your bundle of joy arrives he or she can get to connect with the presence of wild, graceful, beautiful colours? If Yes, then you have found your best bet and if No, we can undoubtedly tell you that you should start your kids early enough with colours, it is a known fact that majority of children are drawn to sharp colours from birth and what a wonderful way to keep your child happy and with a lasting smile on his or her rosy cheeks than a colourful cradle room where he or she gets to roam joyfully in wild imaginations all day long.

      An Office - Looking at these two inspirations we can draw from them the unique style that is found in the floral presence of its themed wallpaper, it does not only light up the room keeping the room from giving out a dull atmosphere, it also enhances work productivity and boosts efficiency in work delivery. Floral designs tend to leave workers feeling happy and more efficient.

      Stripped Wallpapers

      From the common three bar stripes to the cosmopolitan pinstripes, stripped wall papers are used from anywhere to everywhere in a room be it a house or office space. Some of our best uses and style inspirations for stripped themed wallpaper are as follows;

      Bedroom- By now you should have guessed it; all and we mean all themed wallpaper designs can be used in every part of the house, but no other wallpaper design does a room justice like stripped themed wallpapers. You are sure to find these wallpaper designs in top notch hotels and high class bedrooms.

      Living Room - Gone are the days of old boring stripped patterns; stripes are back with a BANG. Most people would love to decorate their living rooms with a different and more sophisticated type of stripped themed wallpaper, if you are one of those people; then follow this style inspiration and get the essence stripped wallpapers are sure to give.

      Abstract Wallpapers

      Living in a world full of patterned and structured designs is definitely not for everyone. If you are more drawn to eccentric art designs then abstract wallpapers would definitely blow your mind away.

      Abstract wallpapers are created for the think-out-of-the-box people; people who allow their minds roam so far outside basic human understanding. Abstract wallpapers give a bold call to anything they are situated on. Let’s have a look at some wallpaper inspirations;

      Living Room - Abstract living room wallpapers speak depth and command power, when one walks into an abstract themed designed room; one is immediately sent into a trance of the uncommon. Abstract wallpapers never leave a dull moment be it in the home or office; where ever this beautiful piece of manufactured design is set to rest, it always comes back resonating in our minds until we finally place the pieces of the abstract puzzle together.

      Bathroom and Toilet - The bathroom is a place where one comes to take care of human related business and what better way to do so than in grand style with a mysterious blend of lines that continue on and on. It makes staying in the bathe and toilet worth the while.

      Kitchen - Why be only creative with your meals when you can be creative with the way your kitchen is styled. This style inspiration is the perfect abstract fit to your home

      Stone Wallpapers

      Stone themed wallpaper designs tell its tales of past and present; it also draws from its rawness in nature, edge and sophistication. Some of our best uses are expressed below;

      Bathroom - The bathroom is a place where you come to take care of your skin, think and reminisce. The need for peace and calm in everyone’s life is a basic necessity. Stone themed wallpapers are sure to bring out the best feel to your bathroom walls. Its perfect blend of edge and smooth sophistication on your wall gives your home a sense of comfy-cozy love.

      Dining - Although all wallpaper types could best suite your dining room setting; nothing does it better than stone themed wallpapers, they give a structured setting to every meal. This how a dining room should look - it should look enticing enough to actually attract people to sit there. In most modern homes, dining rooms are no longer visited as everyone carries his or her meal to his/her desired place but nothing says FAMILY TIME better than stone themed wallpaper designs.

      Brick Wallpapers

      Brick themed wallpapers give out a 3D Dimension feel you could never think a reality; they give a unique splash of fluency as it accents the background colours in a room; brick designs also leaves your room with a vintage feel. Here are some of the best uses of brick wallpapers in your home or office spaces.

      Night Clubs - Brick wallpapers come better and much more different than they first did in the days of old. One can use this wallpaper themed inspiration to better dress the walls of a club where people get to mix, party and chill.

      Bathroom and Sink - These two style inspirations for the best use of brick wallpaper couldn’t be any less far-fetched. By using brick themed wallpaper designs in styling your toilet area and basin for washing hands, you get to feel a sense of quality in class. Brick wallpapers value quality above all things and its manufacturers strive to give only the best.

      Sitting Room - Oh La La!!! Such Class; one shouldn’t expect less from brick wallpaper designs. It is the prime choice for home design. So get in with the trend and start putting in the best into your home designs.

      Before You Begin Wallpapering

      Don’t just rush to wallpaper your room without knowing the basics; here are some tips as to what to do before you begin wallpapering;

      1. Have your wall adequately prepared as wallpapers do not stick well on greasy, dirty or old wallpapered walls. Also try to avoid placing your wallpaper directly on painted walls

      2. Coat your walls with acrylic primer which provides an even surface on the wall, hence making it a lot easier to slide wallpaper coverings into position.

      3. Walls covered with high- or semi-gloss paint should be sealed with an acrylic primer; so also surfaces coated with flat paint should be scraped. One should also keep in mind that nail holes, chips, cracks and wall irregularities should be filled with vinyl spackling compound before applying primer.

      4. Most wallpaper coverings are strippable and easy to remove. However; if you have some difficulty doing this, your wallpaper can be soaked with wallpaper remover using a large sponge, spray bottle or roller.

      5. If you prefer to paper over an existing wallpaper covering; make sure it is firmly attached to the wall and is as smooth as possible.

      6. Even if your walls are covered in plastic paneling, vinyl, Formica or glass, you can still apply wallpaper coverings. Just wash the surface with an all-purpose cleaner and apply a coat of acrylic wall primer.

      How Many Wallpaper Rolls Do I Need?

      The easy formula is to measure then multiply the width and height of the area where you need to cover with wallpaper. This will give you the VALUE in square meter. Add around 10 -15 % of your value to cover for waste. Most wallpapers come in rolls of 53sqm, To get the number of wallpaper rolls you need, divide your VALUE by 53. Easy as pie right? Now let's give a background.

      Earlier we shared some style inspirations for wallpapering, now we shall delve deeper to the worry most people usually have; ‘How much is too much wallpaper?’ Sure, you love the idea of wallpapering your room to give it that different feel but you also don’t want to buy too little or too much wallpaper. So therefore we implore you to follow some of these tips to getting the right amount of wallpaper you could possibly need so as to reduce the cost of wallpapering your room.

      1. The Need to Measure: Calculate the portion of the project by measuring the height and length of the wall you wish to cover. Remember to subtract the doorways and large windows from the total you get. After which you add up the portion measured of each wall.

      2. Wallpaper Patterns: Choosing the wallpaper pattern helps you better calculate the amount of wallpaper needed

      3. Know The Length of Your Preferred Wallpaper: Remember to verify the number of square feet you’re desired patterned wallpaper has; in Nigeria a standard square feet roll covers about 45 feet.

      4. What You Actually Want: Decide the number of single rolls you could possibly be needing; one could do this by dividing the estimated total square of the room by the number of useable square feet on a roll to get the number of single rolls needed for the project.

      5. Get To Pasting: Roll away, get to pasting and enjoy your beautiful wallpapered patterned wall.

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