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      Vases - Gotten from the word vessel, is an open container, a decorative container without handle, typically made of glass, wood or ceramic. They are used alone or for displaying flowers.

      Vases are also found in middle-aged cultures of Greek, Roman and the Scandinavian, It was used by royalty to preserve and dispense expensive wine.

      Various Materials Used For Vases

      Ceramic Vase -This type of vase dates back to the middle age, it is mostly antique or vintage vases. The rich used this vase to store wine and rich oils, this piece is mostly used as a floor vase. It brings out the best look for hallways or walkways even at the door, ceramic vases can be used with or without flowers.

      Glass Vase -This vase kind, is the best type of vase for most decoration, it is best used to decorate tables, dinning’s, TV shelf, stands, side tables.The use of this vase is simply limitless. Fill with pebbles and put a candle in it simply stunning! Fill up with various colorful stones, you will be wowed! You simply cannot get enough of this vase.

      Wooden Vases -These are exceptional vases, the texture of the wood and the design comes with a lot of handling to get the vase to retain water incase you need it to put flowers or for a floor vase so it does not rot or get infected. Wooden vases can be used outdoor, indoor, walls, dinning, side tables or anywhere.

      There are lots of materials used in making vases, Metallic, Bulb, Concrete Pvc, Brass, Non rusty Iron(Steak Aluminum)No matter the material, vases would always beautify your interior.

      Shapes of Vases

      When we talk about adding a vase to our home, most often we just think about a lovely flower centerpiece that would sit at the center of our dining table or room. Whether it’s a large piece or a small piece, a vase would always have a container look, thereby giving it various shapes.

      There are three major vase shape. The Greek (Olpe vase, Ampora vase Karte vase and hydra vase ), the Modern and Chinese Vases.

      Vases generally have similar shapes, the base maybe Flat, Crenate or bulbous, the body is mostly the main portion of a Vase. However Modern Vases are of Different types too:

      Bottle Shaped Vase - This is the popular type of vase seen today. Its elongated mouth gives enough space to put flowers and it holds water. Best used for interiors like tables, dinning tables, sitting room table etc.

      Cylinder Shaped Vases - These vases are elegant and unique they are mostly used as floor vases, this vase can be used with or without flowers.

      Bowl Shaped Vases - This type of vases are used mostly on tables, can be decorated with pebbles or short flowers, it gives any interior a relaxed feel.

      Gouge Vase - This type of vase is mostly ceramic , it has elegant designs, as the body would look so beautiful. No two vases are the same, decorations varies but what we like about this vase type is, it shows your style at first glance, Gouge vases is the best to show the world your style.

      There are various kinds of vases, the Flower brick Vase, Pitcher vase, the Jar vase & Cylinder vase. All these vases can be used with or without flowers.

      Vases Placements: Where Do I Place My Vase?

      Floor Vases - Floor vases can be placed in corners and spaces that are usually empty, Floor vases are unique as they come in both large and small sizes, they are known with long necks, if you are looking to make a statement at the door, hallway, walkway or just to beautify your interior, a floor vase is definitely the best Décor you need.

      Wall Vases - Wall vases adds freshness and elegant look to a modern interior, This vase type is more visible and obvious than a floor vase, the Wall vase gives the room personality, flair, texture and definition. The ability for wall vases to be hung on walls as suggested makes it a beautiful home décor.

      Bud Vases - : Bud vases are best used for flowers, they can be any material, bulbs, glass, cups , PVC clay or any container that can retain water, Bud vases can be placed anywhere, tables , bathrooms ,offices ,bedrooms any flat surface. The ability to hold water also suggest that they are preferred when considering growing natural flowers indoors as a form of home décor. Looking to brighten your table then get this vase.

      How to Choose a Vase?

      Your choice of vase is usually determined by what you would like to put in it. Would you like a flower in it or to leave it empty? If the former is your decision, choose a subtle looking vase and decorate it with a beautiful flower of your choice. Keep in mind that the flower height must be around 1.5 times the height of your vase. If however you would like an empty vase, this time you need to shop for something with extra elegance that depict your style and the style of the space you will keep them.

      Where to buy Vases in Nigeria

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      Shop through our Beautiful, unique and elegant collection of vases and make a choice for your home décor today.