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      Throw Pillows, Bolsters & Cushions

      Every home needs a small, light, soft surface. A throw pillow covers all things fluffy. It can serves as decorative pillow, easily placed on your sofa, couch, bed or any suitable space for comfort purpose.
      Also known as toss pillow, Throw pillows come in different shapes and sizes and the have different design patterns for covers. Whilst some are very colorful with natural hand stitched natural design like leafs and flowers, others carry a more abstract design or orientation.

      Some throw pillows are filled with foam which gives it a hard feel; some are filled with fiber while others are filled with feathers which are both softer and more comfortable respectively. What a throw pillow is stuffed with is usually a key determinant of how much you will be paying for them. For instance, a throw pillow stuffed with Feathers are usually the most expensive. Nevertheless, throw pillows are important accessories in every urban home. Primary benefit includes back, neck and even head support and is easily movable to any position of choice.


      A Bolster on the other hand, are long narrow pillow usually cylindrical in shape. Bolsters are perfect for head, arm and lower back support and are also good companions on lonely cold nights. For decorative application, it adds beauty and style when combined with throw pillows as it gives a beautiful display to the bed or sofa respectively.


      Cushions are more of pads used for sitting or kneeling upon, mainly to soften the hardness of a chair or couch.

      Decorative cushions also come in colours and patterns for indoor or outdoor use. Since they are meant to be sat on, the primary consideration is usually on how comfortable they and additional health benefit they may offer.

      Relaxation is a very important part of our life routine and safe to say comfort enablers such as throws and cushion provide these comforts as well as playing their important role as part of the home décor.

      Before Buying Throw Pillows

      Being one the easiest way to add a statement piece to your decor, the few things you have to consider before buying throws for your home includes the colour combination of your space, your design style and the sizes of the throw pillows you will get.

      Standard throw pillows (The square shape types), are best for back support and come in sizes between 16 - 18 inches. These types of throw pillows fits pratically any furniture style.

      If your target is to give your home a modern look, the better choice is to go for the non-conventional throw pillows. They come in large sizes of up to 24 inches.

      The number of throw pillows your home needs, varies alot and depend entirely on your taste. The simplest magic known to man for decorating with throw pillows is to use one throw per chair/sofa, while 2-3 seater sofa should have between 3 - 6 throw pillow. Your furniture become to look bulky when you surpass this.

      Now how would you chose your throw pillow colours? Should you go for patterns or plain solids throws? How would you arrange your throw pillows on the furniture set?

      Buying Throw Pillows

      At, we provide variants of styles of Throw Pillows, Bolsters’ and Cushions to ensure your comfort as they add softness, dash of color and elegance to almost any part of your home, especially the living and bedroom. Perhaps you are even looking for custom throw pillows for your events. You are in the right place. Simply put a call through to our Customer service representatives.

      Express your style whilst enjoying added comfort by simply choosing from our array of options. Log on to: lane7

      We are always at your service to ensure you get the best of customer care and delivery service.