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    buy JUSTINA Table Lamp Bronze 1x40W 230V

    by Phillips Light

    Abuja | Lagos | Port harcourt

    JUSTINA Table Lamp Bronze 1x40W 230V


      This is a small lamp designed to sit on a table top, rather than standing on the floor or hanging on the wall or from a ceiling. Table lamps are really shiny and lightens up any room you set it-in. It is highly suitable for every room type as it hints its touch of perfection with class and luxury. Table lamps are very versatile in their usage, they are mostly used for reading and working in the dark. They are usually situated on bed stands, dinner tables, reading tables, in libraries and on dressing tables.

      The room would need about one to two bedside lamp; as it totally depends on your taste in the long run. Two beside lamps would be a better bet for you and your partner in the case of both of you having their separate reading and working schedules at night, we would suggest one however if you are the only one sleeping in bed at night in order to save money on only what you would need.

      Where to use Table Lamps?

      Some style inspirations for table lamps in your homes and how to get the best use out of them are;

      Children’s Room- Children demand extra light for homework areas in order for them to work effectively. A baby’s nursery however requires an installed dimmer lamp that allows parents to check on their sweetheart without waking him or her up.

      An Older Person’s Room-This bedroom has special lighting needs. People over fifty need more light in order to see well, why? Because their eyes are more sensitive than others to glare and so therefore they need brighter lighting in order to see well. Their bedroom bulbs should be bright enough and covered by a bowl-type fixture.

      Young Couple’s Bedroom- The bedroom setting for young couples looking for some alone time with their partners needs a strong dose of ambience. One should install dimmers on lights for an altering effect which can switch the room’s mood from cold to hot and steamy.