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  • Your Living Space Will Pop just Like This

      Living Room Furniture

      Living room is sometimes the most frequently occupied space in everybody’s home. Our Living room is an assembly point for families to have a good time together, to welcome visitors, perhaps even to eat sometimes. Therefore decorating this essential space called Sitting room is of great importance to our well-being.

      Popular Furnishings, found almost in all living rooms includes Sofa Sets or Chairs, Center Table or consoles, a Wall cabinet, Poufs, bookshelves, lights, Rugs or Tiles, Wall Coverings, Décor Pieces, Wall Clocks, Photo Frames, Scents or burners, Curtains or Blinds, and your “Gbedu wey dey burst brain” – Entertainment units.

      Living Room Decoration Styles

      Just before you start your shopping for your Living room furnishings, the single most important thing to guide what you will be buying for your space is to FIRST have a mental picture of how you want your sitting room to look. What is your idea of a beautiful Living room? By having this information, you will be able to dictate whether your style is a Traditional, Royal, Contemporary, Modern or European. Once you get this right, you are probably on a right track to transform your house to a home.

      Living Room Space Consideration

      Second most important thing is how much space you have in your living room in term of size? The size of your sitting room will ultimately decide how much décor items it may contain. One of the big mysteries yet to be unravelled in Nigeria is the reason why people still go for a FULL Furniture set for their living room. I mean you don’t have to go overboard buying a full furniture set. For a small living room, a three seater sofa or a two seater sofa combined with a coffee table and either a wing chair or an ottoman to compliment it, would do just fine. It will save cost, then it will give your small space a wow look.

      As often echoed by professional decorators, do not chose a classic Style decoration for a small living room. If you will be buying a TV cabinet for a small space don’t go for the bulky ones. People with Large or moderately sized living room have the world at their fingertips as they can literally play around with styles. But before proceeding, which material type would you prefer for your Sofa, Leather or Fabric?

      Living Room Color Ideas and Décor Choice

      Whatever you decide, please do not lose out on colour selection for your home. Different colours convey typical meaning and feeling of comfort to different people. They say all-white gives a feeling of Lush and richness. To prevent boredom, we advise you should select up to four or more colours for your home, they could be different shades of the same colour in different sections of your home.

      In any case, most paint companies in Nigeria have color blending tools. You could as well use color pallets tools available online. However, using paints alone isn’t enough, showcase your style by using wallpapers, 3D Boards or HD Walls to cover some parts of your Living room. Limitless options available on

      Don’t forget to add Vases, decorate your home glamorously by adding touch of gold or silver. This you can achieve through vases, decorative pieces and light.

      Take your time to look for Light Fittings that suite your style, do not join the bandwagons to settle for what is immediately available in the local market around you. By shopping on, you are shopping nationwide for modern lights at unbeatable price offering.

      Where to Buy Furniture in Nigeria?

      Luckily all the best furniture brands in Nigeria are listed on, offering products at discounted prices from what you get at their physical showrooms. Our partners are trusted for producing quality furniture for many decades with hundreds of thousands of satisfied customer base. We thus not only provide a vast array from which your choices can be made to make your living room as special as your taste inclines, but we also throw in for free, our collective wealth of experience to help make such choices to ensure your living room remains a place for laughter, love and much more.

      So what are you waiting for? Simply select from our large array of furniture’s on