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  • Lamp Shades

      The light source you choose affects how colours appear in a room, but so does the way you use the light. Controlling and monitoring the natural light in a room is very critical to selecting the right colours for your home or office space. Light shades could affect your home in three ways;

      1. Warm up a rooms colour
      2. Cool down a rooms colour
      3. To replicate daylight

      It is very important to keep something in mind while browsing photos of decorated interior homes: Many home interior photos are taken using additive lighting, which affects how one views these interior colours.

      A wall in a room may be painted a different shade of red but it is important to note the differences caused by the angles and placement of the lights installed in that room, by doing this one will get to understand how different colours work under different circumstances; it is also advisable to not chose a light shade you would like at 8am and dread at 10pm; it is much better to get light shades that come with dimming and brightening options.

      Lamp Shades Inspiration

      A lamp shade is a fixture that covers the light bulb on a lamp to diffuse the light it emits; the excess amount of light an electric lamp provides can cause more harm than good to the fragile nature of the eyes, and so the lamp shade is created to reduce the brightness of the light.

      Darkness has always been one factor man has always sought to eradicate and as such the necessity for development in lightening techniques has grown. Lampshades since its origin has further produced basic to complicated design styles as advancement in technology of electrical lamps remains ongoing.

      Lamp Shades Types

      Some of the common lampshades are cotton lampshades and plastic lampshades;

      Cotton Lampshades

      Also referred to as paper lampshades, cotton lampshades are a synthetic combination of cotton textures that further help serve as lamp coverings and decorations in the home or office space. Cotton lampshades are not as expensive as plastic lampshades and can be easily installed in the home. Most cotton lampshades hang from the ceiling. It’s most common designs come in form of colourful balls. It however is designed in both simple and complex structures. Cotton lampshades tend to spoil easily if not well taken care of as they could be smudged or rumpled thus putting an end to its service in the home but on the other hand is more durable than that of plastic lamps. One can actually create his own cotton lampshade or design what is desired on this lampshade.

      Plastic Lampshades

      Unlike cotton lampshades; plastic lampshades are much more expensive but the expenses carried out on this artistic design masterpiece would soon long be forgotten when it serves you well enough. However, plastic lampshades if not well taken of can fall down and break therefore putting an end to its service in the home unlike synthetic lampshades which can still be salvaged and managed till whenever the buyer is tired and seeks to replace them. Plastic lampshades are also very pretty with the modern day designs they come with, A look at these perfectly shaped lampshades would most definitely leave your room screaming ATTITUDE and ELEGANCE.

      Plastic lampshades come in various sizes and shapes; if you are one that has an eye for the abstract in drawing appeal to your room’s nature, you can’t go wrong with plastic lampshades.