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      Bedroom Furniture - An Asset to Invest In

      Bedroom furniture’s (or bedroom sets; as it is sometimes called) usually consists of a group of furniture in a bedroom or sleeping quarters. Some types of furniture that can be found in the bedroom are; beds, wardrobes, dressers, stools and chairs, nightstands and mirrors, amongst many others.

      In a bid to complete one’s bedroom sanctuary where one stays to sleep, relax and be at one with self, the thought and need for bedroom furniture was born. Bedroom furniture are furniture designed to complement the room. From mattresses to bunk beds and chest of drawers, dressers, and nightstands, bedroom furniture is the true embodiment of answers to every need one would require to transform your bedroom into a place that you can relax and be you.

      The era of bedding has evolved since the old times as human’s have a craving need to sleep in order to store up additional energy meant for the next day. Way back then bedroom furniture have been seen to be a whole lot different that they are now; as the variations of pieces as furniture styles have changed through time and as individual manufacturers have evolved into uniquely putting their own spin on them.

      Your Bedroom Style and Bedsets

      One of the most important components of the bed decorating process is determining one’s colour strategy. One can layer classic neutrals (like white) for sheets combined with monochromatic textures, bold colours or contemporary patterns for accent pieces.

      Choosing classic colours for the investment pieces while adding decorative accent items in bold colours and patterns is the secret to a well-designed bed that remains versatile all year. With this design approach to your bedding, one can change the look of their bedroom quickly and affordably as the season or mood changes.

      A good mattress is the foundation to a good’s night sleep. You can upgrade a mattress further with a good layer below the sheets to give a bed a fluffy, inviting look and feel. Hotels spend a lot of time and money studying what makes a bed comfortable with most coming up with the same end result – 300 count cotton sheets which are very much comfortable as some of the higher thread count sheets available. Check out Mattresses on lane7

      Pillows are important to a bed for comfort and design but there needs to be a balance between too few and being swallowed up by too many pillows; for comfortability purposes two regular sized pillows are a must have. Once you’ve chosen the perfect sleep pillow, it’s time to accessorize the bed with decorative pillows. This is your opportunity to add a bold or unique touch to your bed. Choose a favourite pattern and colour that enhances your bedroom design and go with it.

      A throw blanket has become a popular addition to dressing up your bed. It’s a great extra layer best suited for when one feels cold while adding a contemporary design element to the finish of your bed.

      General Bedroom Size Considerations

      There are no universal accepted standards when it comes to bedroom sizes, it solely depends on the vision of designers and architects of any given home structure. Typically bedrooms range between 9 foot by 9 foot and 17 foot by 17 foot, this may vary however depending on the architect’s structural design and the designers (buyers) personal preference.

      The biggest determinant of the size of a bedroom should be the size of the bed that is going to be in that bedroom; the bedroom should not only hold the bed that is in the room, it should also have a good amount of clearance space around the bed itself, one might need to put into consideration however dressers, tables and night stands when factoring size into his or her bedroom structure.

      If one has a twin sized bed, the minimum size of your bedroom should be 7 feet by 10 feet. This is not only the minimum size but the standard size as well. There are some bedrooms with twin beds that are smaller than this, but they are not up to code. If one has a two twin sized bed, the minimum size of the bedroom increases up to 9 by 9 feet. The standard size for bedrooms with two twin beds is a bit bigger at around 10 feet by 10 feet while the minimum size for a room that has a double size bed is around 9 feet and 6 inches by 10 feet and 6 inches.

      Queen size beds don't require much more room and its standard size should be ten feet by ten feet. A king size bed bumps the standard size up to 10 feet by 12 feet and 6 inches. If one is considering putting a bunk bed in a room, one may have to put some extra consideration into the height of the ceiling. On average there should be at least a minimum of 3 foot clearance for a bunk bed; this means that your ceiling should be between 7 feet and 6 inches and 8 feet and 6 inches minimum.

      Master Bedroom Size Consideration

      The master bedroom is usually the largest of all the bedrooms in a home, it is the most desirable room in the entire house and is usually found in houses with multiple rooms.

      Medium sized master bedrooms will usually have 190 square feet of space while large master bedrooms can even exceed 280 square feet. Larger master bedrooms can include up to another 150 square feet for an attached master bathroom and walk in closet. Larger master bedrooms are mostly reserved for larger homes because in smaller homes they can monopolize a significant portion of the entire home's space.

      Adding interesting shapes to one’s bedroom may give your space a unique or attractive appeal, it is however best to stick with shapes that are most useful; this is because shapes that are too far out off the beaten path can leave one with a strange space that may be hard to fit the pieces one desires for his or her home.

      The most standard shapes for one’s bedroom size are squares and rectangles as these have so far remained the safest bets. One should not be afraid to play with the designs in order to be adventurous. It is very necessary for one to plan ahead and know how much space will be needed with what will be needed for your design.

      Bedroom Furnitures Tips & Help

      Once one has had a feel for space and one has had his or her mind fully made up, it’s time to check out your furniture stores. Good enough you will find all trusted furniture stores in Nigeria on lane7.So how do you pick? You do not need to furnish your home in a day, a week, or even a month.However, If that need arise subscribe to our bulk buy service where our staff would assist you do your shopping at zero stress. Start with your essentials and move on to the big one’s later. Here are a few tips to look out for;

      1. Examine the finish
      2. Look beneath the surface
      3. Scrutinize the details
      4. Know the placement
      5. Consider the condition
      6. Don’t discount something old
      7. Look for tags
      9. Watch out for strong odours
      10. Pay attention to the body.

      After carrying all these out and factoring the costs into account, one can then budget prices down and work towards payments i.e. be it outright or in bits.