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    buy LIMA Pedestal Black 1x60W 230V

    by Phillips Light

    Abuja | Lagos | Port harcourt

    LIMA Pedestal Black 1x60W 230V


      This is an electric light supported by a tall pole that is attached to a base that rests on the floor of a room. Floor lamps are sure to add a romantic and cozy feel to your home. Its unique nature of lightning also gives a sense of poetic decency by further adding to the life of a room. Floor lamps are usually found in bedrooms, sitting rooms, dining rooms, churches, hotel rooms and conference rooms. This affordable luxury does a lot more justice by brightening up your day.

      With their striking silhouettes, modern floor lamps provide a luminescent design feature for your living space. Modern day floor lamps ranges from the classic stem and shade to sculptural installations.

      Where to use floor Lamps?

      Some style inspirations for floor lamps in your homes and how to get the best use out of them are;

      The office- Give any room a fresh look with a floor lamp, the office needs to be enticing enough to work and floor lamps do justice to adding enthusiasm and class to that office’s environment. Floor lamps in the office can be found at places like; a hotel lobby, high class conference rooms. Floor lamps also give a sense of relaxation time and would be of great help in calming down guests minds while they wait as they take out time to admire the beauty in luxury you have managed to create.

      Restaurants- Restaurants that take in couple reservations have opted for floor lamp stands with a dimming effect so as to set the mood and create an atmosphere of class and warmth which therefore leads to socializing. You can find these floor lamps at Retreat hotel restaurants or 5 star restaurants.

      The sitting room- In the sitting room, floor lamps are a necessity asides other interior lights. Floor lamps brings out the extra elegance and is used as an alternative to ceiling lights. These lamps should be bright so that one can easily feel at home. Floor lamps should be best turned on in the evening and the ceiling lights turned off for the best out of your floor lamp.

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