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      10 Amazing Interior Decor Tips, to Decorate your Home in Nigeria

      Have you ever wondered why rooms of the same size but differently decorated would give different impression as if one is bigger than the other? or why luxury hotels have mirrors at thier rooms, hallways reception and entry points?

      Have you ever been in a state of confusion as to which throw pillow style or color will best work for your space? and how early morning sun don't abruptly put an end to your sweet sleep?

      Whatever your dilemna in decorating is? Expert decorators, sure have the answers and we at lane7 have thier signatures in our book. The 10 tips below, are very quick ways to give your home that instant fresh look.

      1. Add a Pop of color to your home with Throw Pillows & Cushions

      Cushions are the types of pillows we seat on right? while throws are the type for decoration and also as comforters. Choosing the right throw pillow has to be guided by your intentions.

      Here is the trick! If you will like to use throw pillows to hide sofas that you do not like anymore due to ageing or otherwise. You should choose throw pillows with brilliant colors that will be easy to notice when placed around other objects of different colours. This is because, your eyes will always go to the area of highest contrast. Try it.

      To create a lively sitting room, use multiple complimenting colors of throw pillows.

      Rememeber, all these you will have to do while matching different sizes and shapes.

      For more on throw pillows and where to buy beautiful throw pillows or customised ones, check Throw Pillow Store and Customize Pillow Shop.

      2. Create a beautiful Ambience with Candles, Fragrances & Scents

      Sure, you know family and friends will visit, let's welcome them with a beautiful smell. One of the least talked about issues in the world is how easy the smell of something or our environment will dictate our mood and well being.

      You know how a beautiful smell can turn off all your worries, give you calm, while some will put you in a perpetual state of sexiness or spirituality? Yea, the opposite goes for foul smell too.

      Looking for the right essential oils, scented candles, long lasting electric reed aroma diffusers and Incense burners? Home Fragrances Shop is your surest bet of where to buy. Simply give a call and tell us what you desire.

      For More read on application of scents, click to Scents Store

      3. Use Flowers, Trees & Plants

      For either indoor or outdoor, There are not more than two options: Natural and Artificial.

      Making your home nature friendly is a million dollar worth as it radiates freshness. Merely having Natural flowers in your surrounding will transmit a feeling of luxe around you. But Sha be ready to take absolute care of the plants.

      Alternatively, you are permitted to fake nature by decorating with artificial plants & Trees. Check out our Extremely beautiful collection of Trees & Plants for your home decor.

      4. Decorate with Clocks

      Nothing is as good a superb conversation starter like a beautiful wall clock. Distinguish your home by hanging on that masterpiece. Seat back, watch and smile as all the good commendations start pouring in.

      For Designer wall clocks, Mirror clocks, Kids, Church and Pendulum Clocks, Check here.

      5. Use beautiful Blinds and Curtains to beautify your wall

      This part seems like a big ocean, you may be lost in between requirements and fantasy. An expert interior decorator will ask you the following questions in other to figure out correctly what your needs are: Which part of the house will you be needing it? Do you prefer a roller blind to motorised ones? what's your take on wood, venetian, vertical, horizontal, zebra blinds, or day & night blinds ?

      Your answers will surely lead to other questions and more cross examination before you will arrive at a choice. Dont get me wrong, if you go there with your mind made up with a specific choice, of course the task will be much easier.

      These initial quiz is of great usefulnes to you and your interior designer. For instance if you have pets and litle children, you may be persuaded never to buy vertical blinds. Also the Use of wood blinds in africa where the temperature is at roof top high may be discouraged due to warping and thier annoying fading factor.

      When using curtains, pay attention to the wall hooks, rods and other curtain accesories as these little things matter.

      For latest Blinds and curtains whether in ikeja, lekki or any where in Lagos and Nigeria at large, check out the companies listed on

      6. Place your mirrors, rightly

      Culturally, some part of the world believe that mirrors can possitively influence your state of health, wealth and hapiness. As such, mirrors can lift your energy level and that of the people around you. little wonder why luxury hotels have mirrors all over the place - they want to keep you happy during your stay!

      Bright and vibrant tones can lend an impressive quality to your space and can make the room look warm and enchanting.

      Mirrors in earnest, also increases the light efficiency thereby saving you some cost. What do I mean, a sitting room with a full width decorative mirror will require less illumination than the ones without a mirror.

      One more thing, full width mirror will make a small room appear bigger, just like a vertical mirror will give more height in spaces where the height of the room is short. Why? Simply because Mirrors multiply anything that is placed before it. Using this same philosophy, ENSURE to face your mirror to where you want the attention to be in your house. Don't do otherwise, impression is everything.

      For mirrors, bright mirrors such as gold, silver and chrome platted are in vogue. Also some beautifully sprayed, wooden framed mirrors are gradually reducing the demands for metallic framed mirror.

      7. Flower Vases

      You already know know that the smallest things in life make the 7UP difference, right? So it isn't all about the heavy things we place in our house that gives it the posh look n feel. A Vase is one of those small things, really.

      Use it as a centre piece, a floor or a bud vase. If you will like to put a flower in it, the flower should be 1.5 times the height of the vase.

      Also use it to match your other accessories.

      Here is the Largest and Most beautiful selection of flower Vases in Nigeria

      8. Create a Hollywood styling effect by Covering some part of your walls with Murrals, interior wall paper, HD Panel, PU Panels and stuff

      Be careful with the color you choose, too much contrast will make your space appear smaller.

      While some may ask, How many wall paper rolls do I need? Most wall papers come in 5sqm. So the first thing to do, is to get the measurement of the height and width of the space where you need to wallpaper. Divide your resultant value by 5sqm, the result is the number of rolls you will need. Finally, add between 1 or two additional rolls to cover for mistakes.

      For Prices of wallpaper and where to buy, click here to shop online.

      9. Use Light gracefully, in order not to dull your sparkles.

      From Christmas decor light to Pendants, Chandeliers, Wall brackets, Lanterns, Post lamps and several outdoor options, you got to love the selection on Nigeria's Light Fitting Store

      10. lane7 is Nigeria's home decore store is launched in Nigeria, the next time you will be buying, make us your number one go-to site for your new home and home improvement purchases. We hope to get the oppurtunity to serve you just once, impress you and RE-SERVE you many times again.

      Our store, is an interior decor and design website which offers Nigerians assortment, affordability & convinience to shop decoration for homes and Offices. You will find tonnes of amazing decor, home furnishings, stencils and artwork.

      If you are on a mission to a beautiful home design, contemporary designs, Furniture designs, home colour ideas, room design, luxury decor or just budget items, we are your best friend. Check us out today.

      One Love!