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      Wall Clocks & Table Clocks For Decorating

      Time is a crucial part of life. The Clock is one of the few tools we are gifted to keep track, measure and also indicate time. Historians says, the word clock was coined from two Celtic words Clagan and Clocca. They also say the earliest of the Clocks, were made in Egypt. In today’s world, there are many types of clocks, with various mechanisms of measuring and telling time.

      Clocks are classified in different ways, but commonly, they are classified according to their DISPLAY or their MECHANISM.

      Clocks Types

      One of the ways, wall clocks are classified is based on the style by which time is displayed to the reader.

      Analog Wall Clocks: Judging by familiarity, this is the most common type of clock. They use a clock display face with numbers and hands to tell the time. These days, the 12-hour format Analogue Clocks are by far more popular than the 24-hour format types. Not for decoration though, but it will interest you to know that there are types of analog clocks that could tell the time of the day by simply tracking the position of the sun. These kind of clocks are called Sundial Clocks.

      Digital Wall Clocks: Also very popular, these kind of clocks uses two sets of numbers, separated by a colon to indicate the hour and minute. The time is projected using a display technology, such as LCD or LED.

      Auditory Clocks: This type is used majorly for convenience, distance, telephony, or blindness, auditory clocks present the time as sounds. The sound is either in spoken natural language or as auditory codes i.e. number of sequential bell rings on the hour represents the number of the hour, like the clock Big Ben.

      Clocks Types Based on Mechanism

      A clock mechanism or movement is its engine or the Calibre. The two most popular in this category are Mechanical and Quartz clocks.

      Mechanical Clocks: Mechanical clocks measures time according to the resonations, such as the swinging of the pendulum. Many antique clocks, grandfather clocks, and cuckoo clocks are mechanical clocks, and the gears and wheels inside them can be fairly complex and is considered an art and real mechanical clocks can fetch a high price in market.

      Quartz Clocks: Quartz crystal clocks are some of the most accurate and efficient types of watches today. They use quartz crystal oscillators. The quartz is stable and it does not change frequencies, making it an ideal resonator for clocks and watches.

      Other kinds of clocks are Electric Clocks, Atomic Clocks and Radio Clocks. Radio clocks receive time information from a transmitter, which can be many miles away. The clock is actually a radio receiver with a display.

      Prices of Wall Clocks

      Apart from the brand names which you will be paying for, Clocks classification based on their mechanism is also the most important reason to judge the price of a clock. Enthusiast argue that Quartz clocks lacks the depth of research and technical craftsmanship you will find in mechanical clocks.

      Obviously, the material types used in its production will affect the market price. Wooden Clocks for instance are not priced the same as Clocks made with Steel or melted gold. Other Factors to look out for before buying is the finishing used in its making. In addition, Clocks that are handmade are usually more expensive than those mass produced using machineries. Finally, Countries with high labor cost to manufacture will sell products far more expensive than the likes of say if the Clock is made in China.

      How To Decorate with Wall Clocks

      While Wall clocks are definitely functional, home users will be looking for a specific styles of wall clock or table clock that works best with their home decor.

      Suffice to say, Shoppers must decide on such aesthetics as Clock Size, Shape of the Clock, the Colour and finish among other features to arrive at how best to use a Clocks as their decoration piece.

      A clock with metal accents may work best in a home decorated in a modern look. A wooden clock will work best in a den or studio space. For something fun and playful in the kids' room, a retro design would look best. While A vintage clock will surely add a touch of luxury to any Sitting room.

      Where to Buy Wall Clocks in Nigeria

      Whether big wall clocks, small wall clock, fancy or designer pieces, If you are looking for a beautiful and adorning clocks ranging from Wall, Pendulum clocks, Martel clocks or Table Clocks to accentuate your home or office, We strive to ensure that your shopping starts and ends with us on lane7. We are available to provide the best collection of clocks with equally befitting home décor pieces to suit your taste.