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  • Window Blinds

      Home & Office Decor with Blinds & Curtains

      As window blinds aplication is becoming more popular in Nigerian homes and offices, let's ignite the conversation by discussing the advantages, that window blinds serve over regular curtains and shades.

      Blinds are first of all modern, attractive, available in different (patterns, colours and fabric textures), can be customised, easy to maintain and are durable. That's it!

      Let's get you up to speed with some information you need for blinds. Before making up your mind to go for a window blind, One the many decisions to make is the dilemna of whether to vote Custom blinds over the motorised ones. Motorised window blinds are those automated blinds.

      By custom blinds, we refer to blinds that are manually controlled. On the flip side, Motorised blinds are controlled using remote controls. Enuf effizy.

      Nowadays,almost all blinds can be motorised. However, the discussion has to be done at the time of purchase, it will usually will cost you a few extra bucks.

      Your choice of motorised blinds will be guided by where you will install the blinds, the size of the room and how well you appreciate technology. Three options of motorised blinds is available in the Nigerian market. Hard wired Blinds (they use control switches), the blinds that are powered by infra-red, and then the RF ones. RF uses radio frequency and is the most powerful of them all.

      Sincerely, just stay away from hard wired window blinds, the wahala is usually not worth it, coupled with the expenses involved. Haven said so, Blinds using Infra-red requires you not to be further than 50ft or 45 degrees angle, away from the blind to operate it. RF Blinds, can function as far as 100 feet away. Both RF and IF blinds will operate on battery pack.

      One last thing to inquire is whether you will need to dismount or bring down the entire blind when the battery needed to be changed. Go for those motorised blinds that would not require this hassle.

      What is the cost of a Windows Blind?

      There are premium blinds that cost up to 250k for a set, per window. There are low cost windows blinds with price range between 16k and 37k. There are windows blinds whose cost is between these 2 classes.

      The number of years of warranty on the blinds and additional options such as requesting your images or names to be printed on a blind to customise it, or requesting automation, will almost certainly up the price for the blind.

      Window Blind Types

      Wood Blinds

      Made of Faux wood (Sawdust & Polymer). Wood blinds are excellent at blocking Sun rays. The major draw back of wood blinds is that they are poor at regulating heat transfer between your room and the outside. They also surfer from warping and fading over time, after continous exposure to Sun light.

      Wood blinds have best look when painted in white.

      PVC Venetian Blinds

      Ventian blinds are best when painted in light colours and are quite affordble. Downsides and complains includes unsolvable tendency to habour dust, they are fragile especially due to the possibilty of one of the slates getting broken.

      If you choose to go for this option, Request for venetian blinds made of aluminium.

      Vertical Blinds

      The real fans of vertical blinds are usually too quick to reel out, how easy it is to draw vertical blinds in any direction as well as the option of fitting them to cover considerable width of your space. Vertical blinds are about the cheapest depending on the materials used.

      Vertical blinds are inefficient when it's windy, not good for homes with pets or little children because of the hook that is usually used to bind vertical blinds together at the bottom.

      Vertical blinds are best used in offices.

      Roller Blinds | Zebra Blinds

      Zebra blinds, Day and night Blinds belong here. They come in diffrent sizes (1.2m, 1.4m, 1.6m, 1.8metres) and can be customised. They are fantastically excellent at sun blocking.

      It's important to protect your interior furniture, decor and floor from exposure to ultra violet rays (they destroy the look of furniture over time ) - Zebra blinds will do that for you.

      Depending on how thick the blinds are, they are classified using Opacity factor. The lower the opacity of a roller blind, the better its sun blocking factor. What does this mean? A blind with Opaqueness of 2 will block sun more than a blind with opacity of 4, 5 or 6.

      Night and Day blinds are the ones in vogue. With these types, you can roll up a section of the blind to allow for more illumination or roll down the other part of the blind to give complete opaqueness.

      For obvious reasons, we vote roller blinds as the best option. They can be used in your Sitting room, bedroom, Kitchens and Bathroom. Roller blinds can be cut in different sizes, available in different designs (plain and patterned) and can be used indoor and outdoor. What more could we ask of a Window covering?

      Where to Buy

      Are you thinking of printing your family picture or photos of your loved ones on your Blinds. Perhaps you would like to do some other customisations on your blinds? Talk to us at

      We sell quality window curtain blinds online. Our selection span Turkish blinds, to Blinds made in the heart of Europe. Patronise us today.